Let it Snow – Holiday Decorations 2008

Hello, come on in. Did you have a pleasant flight?
Leave your wings at the door and help yourself to Santa’s mince pies and cocoa. 

What do you mean there is none left? Well you are a year late.

Never mind, come sit down near the make shift mantel and “fireplace” whilst I get some more.
Check under the tree perhaps there’s still some presents le

The dog ornament below is one of my favorites. I’m not at all crafty but I like to make things each year for the tree. This year it was the plastic bead icicles on some fishing string and the twig things sprayed silver.

These are the stockings hung on the stairs with care, because we don’t have a fireplace apart from the pretend one and that stocking there on the right, yes that ginormous one which is mine is too long to hang from the pretend mantle. I’m afraid it may be a fire hazard.

Well thanks for stopping by, would you like a tipple before you go? Don’t mind the dust its supposed to be fake snow.



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