Christmas Tour of Homes 2009

Merry Christmas & welcome to Hong Kong.
As I’ve enjoyed visiting all your beautifully decorated homes the past few years I figured it was time to return the invitation.
This is our first year to host overseas visitors for the holidays so we decided to go with an oriental theme for the decorations. Yes I have a different theme each year -much to the hubby’s annoyance- because I don’t have enough decorations that could be called sentimental. One day though I’m sure our tree will be full of memories but until then I’m having fun with the themes.

Below, a couple of pictures of either end of the mantel. It’s actually an alter table but I hang the fake garland on it and put candles on a mirror underneath as our “fireplace”. It gets quite cold here in winter and its surprising how much warmer and cosier it is when the candles are lit. Those are plastic “gold nuggets” on the pedestal in front of the  mantel candles and inside each one is a chocolate. Help yourself to as many as you like.

I hang our stockings from the stairs. There is only one up at the moment, bought on sale years ago from the Shanghai Tang store here in Hong Kong. It’s a gorgeous silk with a traditional Chinese pattern.  It was meant to be a gift for someone but I couldn’t part with it. Now I wish I’d bought more. Never mind though because I’m going to make another 3 using this one as a pattern, even though I’ve never sewn anything before. I’ll post a picture if I ever get them finished. (Thankfully MIL is visiting so she can help or hopefully just make them for me:))

Thank you so much for visiting and to The Nester for hosting the tour.
Merry Christmas

7 thoughts on “Christmas Tour of Homes 2009

  1. Hi Lily,Your home is lovely!I love your mantle idea and the asian theme is so creative.Thanks for stopping by my blogYour welocme anytime :)Merry Christmas!Kym-Anne

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