Ooh you’re here, thanks so much for popping all the way over to Hong Kong for a quick nosy.  The tree is up and the mantle decorated so come and take a look.

The papier  mache bauble to the left was inspiration for this years theme – teal, chocolate and guilt er gilt. I bought it on vacation in summer. Teal was one of my wedding colors, so you know I had an excuse. But then it  looked a bit lonesome on the tree so well you know….  
Ha ha, yes I know I there is a feather duster on the top of my tree.
Mr Gingerlily kindly plucked and artfully arranged it on top with some loose brown feathers. I didn’t want to buy more new stuff so I used the duster because it was there and almost matched. Apparently it’s supposed to be all wonky. 
This year we decorated the tree – it is always a joint effort –  with clusters of baubles because there were thrice as many chocolate/gold ones than teals.  Mr Gingerlily thought that was a great idea to stretch out the teal so I didn’t mention it wasn’t mine but one I’d “borrowed” from a fancy shopping mall who invites a famous event planner from the States to decorate their trees every year.
The mantle (it’s not really a mantle as we don’t have a fireplace but I like to pretend) was decorated with whatever I could find in the house that went with the color scheme – a brown feather boa, gold net material and clip on glitter roses. And some brown glittery plastic twigs I’ve never had a use for before now. The urn is filled with a chocolate brown bead garland and pieces of my costume jewellery. And of course we have the christmas crackers bought in the after Christmas sales last year.
The wreaths are hung by the stairway in place of 4 pictures that are usually hanging there. They are positioned to  cover up the 4 picture hooks so they are  supposed to be wonky.  I trim them with whatever I can find to coordinate so this year I’ve balanced some angel wings in one and some bauble picks in the other. 
I think wonky is a recurring theme this year, I don’t know what’s happened with the bottle brush on the side table.
This is Roselle, she is a christmas card that you can make into a mask. I thought she was so cute I stuck her on the wall instead.
I do hope you enjoyed your visit, I know you have many more houses to tour at The Nester’s Christmas Tour of homes. Ooh look there’s just one more chocolate left on the pedestal by the door. Go on help yourself.
Seng Dan Fai Lok –  Merry Christmas in Cantonese.

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