Christmas Tour 2011

Welcome to Hong Kong. I’m so pleased you made your way over from
This year it’s unusually warm and I’m still spending lots of time outdoors  so I decided to bring the outdoors in, only I’m allergic to most flowers and real trees, even the pine Yankee candle had me in fits of sneezing when I tried one, poor me, I’d love real foliage. So if everything has to be fake  then its going to be unashamedly fake and sparkly and glittery. And it keeps growing,  and spreading – every evening Mr GL asks what have you added – and shedding glitter everywhere.

Christmas Tour 2011

As you enter you’ll notice the huge bow I fashioned out of parcel paper and the paper chain and string of baubles I assembled around the mirror. The baubles are knotted onto garden twine.
The Alter Table (also known as my Fantel)
I often adorn the alter table as though it is a  mantel. This year I just tied a bow around some sparkly twigs and dangley glittery thing – I’m not sure what it is – I’d intended it for the tree.
On top of the altar table
Tiny gifts for friends sit on a pedestal on the alter table. The paper butterfly’s trimming the gift boxes have flown away from the open sack and are now resting on lizard poo stains I discovered when I took down the  picture that normally hangs here.
Big floppy bow
Real flowers can’t escape the glitter
Carnations are the only flower I can bring into the house as they don’t make me sneeze. I sprayed them with hairspray and sprinkled with glitter when they started to wilt.
I love the way it drapes over the edge of the alter table
At the far end of the alter table is my partridge in a pear tree, only it isn’t really a partridge as I’ve looked everywhere and can’t find one. This tree is a year round fixture but only adorned in December and I usually move it upstairs so as not to distract from the Christmas tree.
A few details, the pear tree, gifts – topped with glitter bugs for the boy’s and butterfly’s for the girls.
Crackers on the table
This is our dining table set for dinner last night.  For the main event I’ll add linens and a centerpiece (still to be decided) but for everyday we don’t bother. I hung green sequined fabric on the plain white wall behind the table and tied a big gold net bow then pinned it to the fabric. You can just see one of the paper glitter butterfly’s I made on the bow. We are having fun changing up the location of these butterfly and glitter-bugs.
Assorted glittery wreaths
Opposite the dining area is my wreath wall. They cover up some hooks I use to hang 4 pictures here the rest of the year. I made the tinsel one by wrapping tinsel around a Styrofoam wreath. Very creative of me!
The drinks area and banister strung with tinsel and ribbon.
The vintage pineapple ice bucket was a christmas gift last year. I remember my parents having one of these and I looked for one for a long time. It’s taking center stage in this area, There are paper pineapples hanging from the  bannister too.
On a ledge going up the stairway I have a forest of trees displayed
Bottle brush trees
In the middle of the forest is this little tree gnome ornament, new last month at 90% off. Here he is after selecting his christmas tree ( also a tree ornament).
Mr Gnome
This year we used only baubles of various sizes, in greens, orange and brown to trim our tree. I would have liked a fairy topper but had this green sparkly star already.  The tree is too big and wide for this current house but it’s in good condition and it has a new spot this year where it doesn’t look so large! It’s somewhat of a tradition of ours to have sparse uneven fairy lights.
The tree
Cozy by the tree
Time for a cuppa before you go? There is an empty chair by the tree and a mug of hot liquid chocolate ( melted 70% dark chocolate and milk ) with a chocolate penguin, but watch out the penguin is chili flavored and hot hot hot.
If you had come by last night this spot was already taken by our house guest
Someone is a little too early for Santa
 I hope you enjoyed your visit. Here we are back in the entryway adorned with more glittery flowers and bugs. Care for an orange or some nuts?
Glittery details

Please mind the packages and parcels on your way out, we’ve already had one casualty!

My new shoes, too glittery and gorgeous to be kept in the box
Thank you for your visit.
Lily xx

24 thoughts on “Christmas Tour 2011

  1. I love that you started a blog just so that you could join in on house tours! 😀 Your house is so sparkly and festive…love the bugs and butterflies, as well as the sweet furry thing under your tree. (Thanks for visiting me at Thinking About Home…glad you're going to use the back door next time. 😉

  2. I love the glitter decorations! That nook by the Christmas tree with the cup of hot chocolate looks so inviting!Thank you for visiting my blog, Kati's Little Corner and taking the time to comment.

  3. Super festive and fun!!! You're all the way in Hong Kong!!! WOW!!! How'd you get there??? We lived in England for a while!Your touches of whimsy are oh so charming!!!Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays/Hugs,LanaPS I think it's great that you started the blog to join in the Christmas holiday house tours, etc.!

  4. Hey There Lily! Thanks for stopping by alittlecountryhouse! I can't believe I get to talk to people in other countries! I adore that about blogging! You have made your house so charming for the holidays! I love the entry way mirror and the bow out of paper! Merry Christmas to Hong Kong from the heart of Dixie, USA!!!

  5. I loved visiting your place as well. Thank you for visiting Inside the Life of a Pastor's Family. The snowman nightlight came from Target last year.

  6. Lily,I love all your glittered decorations! I am also quite allergic to real greenery. I like your glittered bugs and butterflies, such a neat idea. Glitter makes everything better!:) Kathleen

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